Halle Birth Story

I was lucky enough to be asked by this adorable family to capture another one of their little ones being born!

Kate & Steven would have liked to have a natural birth but Halle had other plans. She was breached, and their doctor did say that if they wanted to, they could still try for a natural birth. They both felt that if she was in that position it must be for a reason, so they decided to go with a cesarean. It turned out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck once, so they made the right choice. I thought that was really neat. So we met Halle Samantha Grace a little later than expected on August 10 at 7:41pm and she was a beautiful 8lbs 3oz!

Congrats again you guys, it is an honour to watch your family grow.


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Edmonton Birth Photographer | Alexander Michael William Degroot

I am unbelievably excited to share this with you. In November I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my first birth story. Kate was a childhood friend of mine, so when she trusted me to capture such an intimate moment in her and Steven’s lives, I was STOKED.

We had a couple false alarms with this little guy, so I have some images shot during that time at the beginning. Finally, on November 20 at around 2AM I got a phone call and it was time to head to the hospital! And at 2:26PM in the afternoon, Alexander decided to come out and meet us. Words cannot even begin to describe how incredible this experience was for me. I am starting to tear up again thinking about it. It was so worth the all nighter we pulled!

The last few moments when he was almost here were so emotional. I actually started to feel tears welling up in my eyes before the same thing happened to Steven. It was so, so beautiful to witness these two become parents for a third time. Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be there and experience this with you. These are some of my favourite photographs I have ever captured.

(And thanks to Taylor Swift for writing this awesome song, Never Grow Up. I thought it was rather fitting.)

– Sara