Halle Birth Story

I was lucky enough to be asked by this adorable family to capture another one of their little ones being born!

Kate & Steven would have liked to have a natural birth but Halle had other plans. She was breached, and their doctor did say that if they wanted to, they could still try for a natural birth. They both felt that if she was in that position it must be for a reason, so they decided to go with a cesarean. It turned out that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck once, so they made the right choice. I thought that was really neat. So we met Halle Samantha Grace a little later than expected on August 10 at 7:41pm and she was a beautiful 8lbs 3oz!

Congrats again you guys, it is an honour to watch your family grow.


Halle Birth Story-2.jpg
Halle Birth Story-4.jpg
Halle Birth Story-7.jpg
Halle Birth Story-9.jpg
Halle Birth Story-11.jpg
Halle Birth Story-19.jpg
Halle Birth Story-23.jpg
Halle Birth Story-25.jpg
Halle Birth Story-27.jpg
Halle Birth Story-31.jpg
Halle Birth Story-39.jpg
Halle Birth Story-41.jpg
Halle Birth Story-45.jpg
Halle Birth Story-49.jpg
Halle Birth Story-50.jpg
Halle Birth Story-54.jpg
Halle Birth Story-60.jpg
Halle Birth Story-72.jpg
Halle Birth Story-76.jpg
Halle Birth Story-78.jpg
Halle Birth Story-80.jpg
Halle Birth Story-84.jpg
Halle Birth Story-86.jpg
Halle Birth Story-97.jpg
Halle Birth Story-109.jpg
Halle Birth Story-113.jpg
Halle Birth Story-131.jpg
Halle Birth Story-137.jpg
Halle Birth Story-145.jpg

Marisa & Justin | Maternity

It’s both nerve wracking and extremely exciting when one of your best friends asks you to take her maternity photos. I’m so proud of this gorgeous mama! Baby Jack graced us with his presence on December 31 2015 and he was 9 lbs 7 oz & 21 inches long.

I got to meet him when he was two weeks old, and he was pretty much the most chill baby ever and just slept the whole time. ( Which is great for me because I don’t always know what to do when they cry, ha ha!) I’m very excited for you guys, congrats on becoming parents!


[blog]Marisa Maternity-24.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-39.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-18.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-43.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-72.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-80.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-183.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-120.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-118.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-164.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-156.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-140.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-155.jpg
[blog]Marisa Maternity-191.jpg

Annelise & Kris | Miquelon Lake/Camrose Wedding

In September, I headed out to an adorable little church in the country with my friend Taylor Kanary as my sidekick for the day.

I photographed Annelise & Kris’ engagement session in October 2014 at Miquelon Lake, and it was awesome! It was so easy to get genuine photos of them, and I got so many adorable shots of them laughing, which are my favourite.

When I found out that they were going to do a first look on their wedding day, I was even more excited, because I knew that Kris would have such a great expression when he saw Annelise. Anytime I was around them, I could tell that they just love eachother so much, I’m pretty sure I had a goofy grin on my face their entire wedding day, ha ha.

Thank you two so much for having us photograph your wedding, it was an absolute joy to be a part of.

A & K Wedding-2.jpg
A & K Wedding-6.jpg
A & K Wedding-8.jpg
A & K Wedding-15.jpg
A & K Wedding-20.jpg
A & K Wedding-24.jpg
A & K Wedding-39.jpg
A & K Wedding-40.jpg
A & K Wedding-46.jpg
A & K Wedding-48.jpg
A & K Wedding-52.jpg
A & K Wedding-57.jpg
A & K Wedding-61.jpg
A & K Wedding-63.jpg
A & K Wedding-72.jpg
A & K Wedding-77.jpg A & K Wedding-79.jpgA & K Wedding-64.jpg
A & K Wedding-82.jpgA & K Wedding-133.jpg
A & K Wedding-81.jpg
A & K Wedding-91.jpg
A & K Wedding-120.jpg
A & K Wedding-121.jpg
A & K Wedding-128.jpg
A & K Wedding-129.jpg
A & K Wedding-132.jpg
A & K Wedding-163.jpg
A & K Wedding-165.jpg
A & K Wedding-168.jpgA & K Wedding-169.jpg
A & K Wedding-175.jpg
A & K Wedding-178.jpg
A & K Wedding-179.jpg
A & K Wedding-180.jpg
A & K Wedding-184.jpg
A & K Wedding-187.jpg
A & K Wedding-188.jpg
A & K Wedding-190.jpg
A & K Wedding-191.jpg
A & K Wedding-194.jpg
A & K Wedding-197.jpg
A & K Wedding-210.jpg
A & K Wedding-228.jpgA & K Wedding-211.jpg
A & K Wedding-232.jpg
A & K Wedding-270.jpg
A & K Wedding-272.jpg
A & K Wedding-276.jpg
A & K Wedding-290.jpg
A & K Wedding-298.jpg
A & K Wedding-233.jpg
A & K Wedding-313.jpg
A & K Wedding-303.jpg
A & K Wedding-312.jpg
A & K Wedding-339.jpg
A & K Wedding-340.jpg
A & K Wedding-354.jpg
A & K Wedding-358.jpg
A & K Wedding-368.jpg
A & K Wedding-371.jpg
A & K Wedding-377.jpg
A & K Wedding-378.jpg
A & K Wedding-381.jpg
A & K Wedding-384.jpg
A & K Wedding-386.jpg
A & K Wedding-388.jpg
A & K Wedding-391.jpg
A & K Wedding-393.jpg
A & K Wedding-395.jpg
A & K Wedding-402.jpg
A & K Wedding-408.jpg
A & K Wedding-409.jpg
A & K Wedding-419.jpg
A & K Wedding-422.jpg
A & K Wedding-448.jpg
A & K Wedding-449.jpg
A & K Wedding-465.jpg
A & K Wedding-469.jpg
A & K Wedding-474.jpg
A & K Wedding-477.jpg
A & K Wedding-482.jpg
A & K Wedding-487.jpg
A & K Wedding-493.jpg
A & K Wedding-521.jpg
A & K Wedding-530.jpg
A & K Wedding-534.jpg
A & K Wedding-543.jpg
A & K Wedding-548.jpg
A & K Wedding-676.jpg
A & K Wedding-688.jpg
A & K Wedding-701.jpg
A & K Wedding-728.jpg
A & K Wedding-753.jpg
A & K Wedding-758.jpg
A & K Wedding-761.jpg
A & K Wedding-768.jpg
A & K Wedding-777.jpg
A & K Wedding-801.jpg
A & K Wedding-807.jpg
A & K Wedding-814.jpg
A & K Wedding-828.jpg
A & K Wedding-848.jpg
A & K Wedding-856.jpg
A & K Wedding-871.jpg
A & K Wedding-863.jpg
A & K Wedding-877.jpg
A & K Wedding-887.jpg
A & K Wedding-897.jpg
A & K Wedding-903.jpg
A & K Wedding-908.jpg
A & K Wedding-913.jpgA & K Wedding-934.jpg
A & K Wedding-962.jpg
A & K Wedding-975.jpg
A & K Wedding-993.jpg
A & K Wedding-996.jpg
A & K Wedding-1002.jpg
A & K Wedding-1005.jpg
A & K Wedding-1006.jpg
A & K Wedding-1014.jpg
A & K Wedding-1015.jpgA-K-Wedding-1054.jpg
A & K Wedding-1050.jpg
A & K Wedding-1066.jpg
A & K Wedding-1067.jpg
A & K Wedding-1071.jpg

A & K Wedding-1078.jpg
A & K Wedding-1105.jpg
A & K Wedding-1109.jpg
A & K Wedding-1114.jpg
A & K Wedding-1139.jpg
A & K Wedding-1155.jpg
A & K Wedding-1087.jpg
A & K Wedding-1089.jpg
A & K Wedding-1092.jpg
A & K Wedding-1095.jpg
A & K Wedding-1099.jpg
A & K Wedding-1103.jpg
A & K Wedding-1116.jpg
A & K Wedding-1122.jpg
A & K Wedding-1123.jpg
A & K Wedding-1126.jpg
A & K Wedding-1127.jpg
A & K Wedding-1130.jpg
A & K Wedding-1131.jpg
A & K Wedding-1142.jpg
A & K Wedding-1144.jpg
A & K Wedding-1147.jpg
A & K Wedding-1150.jpg
A & K Wedding-1151.jpg
A & K Wedding-1152.jpg
A & K Wedding-1036.jpgA & K Wedding-1045.jpgA & K Wedding-1024.jpg
A & K Wedding-1167.jpg
A & K Wedding-1170.jpg
A & K Wedding-1171.jpg
A & K Wedding-1175.jpg
A & K Wedding-1177.jpg
A & K Wedding-1197.jpg
A & K Wedding-1199.jpg
A & K Wedding-1201.jpg
A & K Wedding-1215.jpg
A & K Wedding-1183.jpg
A & K Wedding-1219.jpg
A & K Wedding-1221.jpg
A & K Wedding-1230.jpg
A & K Wedding-1240.jpg
A & K Wedding-1248.jpg
A & K Wedding-1250.jpg
A & K Wedding-1276.jpgA & K Wedding-1272.jpg
A & K Wedding-1283.jpg
A & K Wedding-1308.jpg
A & K Wedding-1313.jpg
A & K Wedding-1315.jpgA & K Wedding-1298.jpg
A & K Wedding-1320.jpg
A & K Wedding-1323.jpg
A & K Wedding-1327.jpg
A & K Wedding-1329.jpg
A & K Wedding-1334.jpgA & K Wedding-1293.jpg
A & K Wedding-1338.jpg
A & K Wedding-1340.jpg

Robyn & Oliver | Westlock County Wedding

This past June, on what was probably the hottest day of the year, I captured an absolutely ADORABLE backyard wedding. Robyn was such a sweetheart, and so understanding when I kind of got horribly lost trying to find her Mom & Step Dad’s acreage! Oliver is from Australia and a lot of his family travelled very far to attend the wedding, unfortunately I was not the only one who got lost! 😛

As Lauren, the  maid of honour, said in her speech, Robyn has always been more concerned about others than herself, and it was so easy to see that any time I interacted with her. Both Robyn and Oliver are surrounded by such amazing and supportive family members, and everyone was so friendly!

Thank you for having me capture your big day for you, it was awesome.


R & O Wedding-1
R & O Wedding-3
R & O Wedding-5
R & O Wedding-2
R & O Wedding-10
R & O Wedding-15
R & O Wedding-21
R & O Wedding-32
R & O Wedding-34
R & O Wedding-48
R & O Wedding-40
R & O Wedding-55
R & O Wedding-70
R & O Wedding-74
R & O Wedding-84
R & O Wedding-86
R & O Wedding-89
R & O Wedding-92
R & O Wedding-97
R & O Wedding-105R & O Wedding-111
R & O Wedding-126
R & O Wedding-139
R & O Wedding-151
R & O Wedding-160
R & O Wedding-165
R & O Wedding-167
R & O Wedding-195
R & O Wedding-227
I don’t usually post family photos, but this sibling photo was just too awesome to not share.
R & O Wedding-237
R & O Wedding-257
R & O Wedding-355
R & O Wedding-383
R & O Wedding-394
R & O Wedding-398
R & O Wedding-404
R & O Wedding-414
R & O Wedding-430
R & O Wedding-442
R & O Wedding-452
R & O Wedding-461
R & O Wedding-470
R & O Wedding-476
R & O Wedding-478
R & O Wedding-488
R & O Wedding-526
R & O Wedding-495storyboard008
R & O Wedding-527
R & O Wedding-531
R & O Wedding-532
R & O Wedding-542
R & O Wedding-548
R & O Wedding-553
R & O Wedding-574
R & O Wedding-564
R & O Wedding-576
R & O Wedding-598
R & O Wedding-603
R & O Wedding-612
R & O Wedding-614
R & O Wedding-618
R & O Wedding-621
R & O Wedding-624
R & O Wedding-564
R & O Wedding-626
R & O Wedding-631
R & O Wedding-633
R & O Wedding-635
R & O Wedding-640
R & O Wedding-645
R & O Wedding-649
R & O Wedding-652
R & O Wedding-656
R & O Wedding-660
R & O Wedding-666
R & O Wedding-674
R & O Wedding-689
R & O Wedding-691
R & O Wedding-702
R & O Wedding-685

Mark & Meagan | Leduc Wedding Photographer

This past June I got to be a side kick and second shoot this wedding with Lauren Voisin Photography. Mark & Meagan had their wedding in the absolutely ADORABLE blue chapel at Van Es Camp. We were worried about rain, but luckily by the time the ceremony was over, the sun was shining again! Thanks again to Lauren for giving me the privilege of helping capture Mark & Meagan’s big day!

Here are some of my favourite images




It has been pretty quiet around here! I’m not going to lie I have been putting off writing this post. I have wanted to for awhile, but I figured maaaybe if I wait a bit I might not be bawling my eyes out while I am writing.

As most of you might know (if you don’t, you’re about to find out!) I love animals. Recently, I had to do one of the hardest things I have ever done. I had to say goodbye to my kitty who I have had since I was four years old. Aaaand cue the water works. Ha ha. Don’t worry, I will keep this short and sweet.

Beethoven (named after the composer; my sister was taking piano lessons at the time) was the nicest cat ever. We were always worried that if he ever ran away whoever found him would keep him because he was so friendly and affectionate. As I mentioned, my older sister named him. He was originally meant to be for her (and the family of course) but he kinda loved me the most. He would always meow and get cranky if I was gone for long periods of time. When I was little I would dress him up in doll clothes and carry him around like a baby, and it didn’t bother him one bit. He always loved to be held. It was really funny actually, he would meow because he wanted attention sometimes, and as soon as you picked him up he would immediately start purring. Sometimes you would just look at him and he would start purring his weird, squeaky, broken-engine-sounding purr.

I also used to let him sleep on my pillow, right next to my head when I was younger. As I got older that started to get annoying but I always had an extra pillow beside mine for him to sleep on. I won’t go into too much detail, but he was 18 years old, and for the past couple months he had been sick on and off because his teeth were getting yucky. Needless to say we thought it would be silly to put him to sleep to have them cleaned since he was so old. He was just too little and too old to fight it, so we had to make the decision to euthanize him. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room. I’m just happy that he won’t be sick anymore and can be in kitty heaven (where they apparently get to eat tuna every day, according to my fiance, Luke).

Here are some images I captured of Beethoven.

Beethoven blog-3
He always loved to hang out in the sunny spots in our kitchen.

Beethoven blog-1
Beethoven blog-2
Beethoven blog-5

A little while back I also had a fellow cat lover take some photos of Beethoven and I. I actually started tearing up when I looked at them. Thank you so much Taylor of Kanary Photography for doing this for me. I will cherish these images forever. You are the best.

Here are some of my favourites.

View More: http://kanaryphotography.pass.us/saraandbeethoven
View More: http://kanaryphotography.pass.us/saraandbeethoven
View More: http://kanaryphotography.pass.us/saraandbeethoven
View More: http://kanaryphotography.pass.us/saraandbeethoven
View More: http://kanaryphotography.pass.us/saraandbeethoven
View More: http://kanaryphotography.pass.us/saraandbeethoven
View More: http://kanaryphotography.pass.us/saraandbeethoven

Thanks so much for reading!

Edmonton Birth Photographer | Alexander Michael William Degroot

I am unbelievably excited to share this with you. In November I had the amazing opportunity to photograph my first birth story. Kate was a childhood friend of mine, so when she trusted me to capture such an intimate moment in her and Steven’s lives, I was STOKED.

We had a couple false alarms with this little guy, so I have some images shot during that time at the beginning. Finally, on November 20 at around 2AM I got a phone call and it was time to head to the hospital! And at 2:26PM in the afternoon, Alexander decided to come out and meet us. Words cannot even begin to describe how incredible this experience was for me. I am starting to tear up again thinking about it. It was so worth the all nighter we pulled!

The last few moments when he was almost here were so emotional. I actually started to feel tears welling up in my eyes before the same thing happened to Steven. It was so, so beautiful to witness these two become parents for a third time. Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be there and experience this with you. These are some of my favourite photographs I have ever captured.

(And thanks to Taylor Swift for writing this awesome song, Never Grow Up. I thought it was rather fitting.)

– Sara

Adrienne & Mackenzie

I have been excited to share this wedding since it started! My talented side kick Lauren of Lauren Voisin Photography and I headed out to Beaumont to capture Adrienne & Mackenzie’s big day. If you know me, you will know that I am all about the cheese and romance, so at pretty much any wedding I will tear up if the groom tears up as the bride comes down the aisle, or one of them cries during their vows, or the maid of honour starts crying during her speech. Seriously, look over at me and I guarantee you will see my eyes well up with tears. I know Adrienne personally, we actually met in the church where her and Mackenzie got married. Now I will pretty much tear up anytime someone else does at a wedding, but there is something really special about witnessing people I know get married. There were times during the ceremony that I almost had to say to myself “Dude…you are supposed to be taking pictures, pick up your camera!” It was so adorable seeing how excited Adrienne was as she walked down that aisle, and how she could barely contain her excitement right before they had their first kiss as husband and wife.

I also loved how stoked her maid of honour, Pam, was. I am pretty sure my cheeks hurt from smiling so big at the end of the day. This wedding really reminded me why I have the best job in the world. Thanks so much for letting us capture your day for you, and congrats again!


Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-1
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-2
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-10
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-11
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-13
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-17
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-18
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-20
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-25
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-24
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-27
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-21
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-29
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-30
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-32
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-33
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-35
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-45-2
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-52
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-45
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-53
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-47
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-46
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-60
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-75-2
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-56
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-72
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-74
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-71
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-6458Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-75-3Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-81Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-80
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-79
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-84
80-82Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-85
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-87
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-110
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-97
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-96
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-101
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-93Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-90
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-105
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-102
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-100
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-91
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-103106
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-104

Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-108Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-109storyboard003Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-114
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-114-2
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-113
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-115
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-116
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-117
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-119
Adrienne & Mackenzie BLOG-120